Sunday, July 8, 2012

Week 72

I spend so much time at this place. It my favorite store in Taiwan. I took pictures so you could see it. We call phones, eat, meet new friends, use the ATM, and buy stamps here. It’s everything you could want and more. It’s just around the corner of the church.

I don’t know what to tell you other then my favorite parts of my week.

Monday- I got to see my investigators and missionary friends. Oh the blessing of living in the mission home area! It was such a fun day!! We ran around tracking down less actives, and everyone we bumped into was either looking for us, or we were looking for them.

Tuesday-Even though are recent convert was ridiculously busy she still managed to find time to come to the church to surprise us with some treats to say thank you for helping her get baptized.

Wednesday-English class was a blast not only because I we played games but friends ages 9 to 60 all participated in the animal game. I was dying. They were all so cute, and so brave. I was a proud teacher.

Thursday- A handful of members from China came to tour the church! It was their first chapel they had ever seen. It was incredible to see their faces as they looked around. It made me so grateful to be in Taiwan serving a mission. I can’t wait until China opens.

Friday-We went on our less active hunt again, and we couldn’t find anyone, so we decided to tract near by. We came to a street said a prayer, and both my companion and I agreed to turn right and start on the right side of the street. We started at the top and went all the way down the bottom with no success. As we were walking back to our bikes the house we had parked in front of had a family just get home. As we started talking to the Mom we found out that she had contacted the missionaries last year, and recognized that us meeting her that night was a sign that she needed to start meeting with us. It was the very last house of the night. :)

Saturday- We went out to lunch with our Recent Convert and his mom. Our other Recent Convert came back from Taibei so we could meet with her, and another one of our RC missed us so she came to the church and put off her plans so she could spend the night with us at the baptism. Our incredible investigator came to a baptism as well, and loved it. She is way excited for her own baptism in a couple of weeks.

Sunday-We visited the Liston’s at dinner and had a great talk with them. They are incredible. Melody also came to church and we had an incredible lesson with her afterwards. My little RC sat next to me in sacrament and I gave him a coloring Paige of Nephi building a boat. He drew me a picture of my self, and my nose took up half of my face. He wanted to wear my CTR ring during church, and so I wore his. I really likes it. I am giving it to him before I leave.

I love you guys.
Have a great week.

Love Sis Lee

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