Saturday, September 18, 2010

I love being a big sister.

It is kinda like being a Mom, but you DON'T have to wake up early, give birth, or clean up throw up. It is kinda like being a Mom, but you DO still get to love them with all your heart, you still get to be there to wipe their tears, and put them in time out. You still get kisses no matter how many of their friends are around. You get to hear the best secrets that end with "don't tell mom". You get to drive them all over the place, and you even make them check in just to make sure they are safe. You get to give great advice from "years of experience" and get to hear their favorite part of the day when you tuck them in at night.
Yesterday I was walking Kade to a friends house, and he challenged me to count to one-hundred. There is no grater feeling then impressing your kindergarten brother, and seeing the look on his face when he tells you that you can count higher then anyone he knows. It was so cute, it made me cry. Man, I love my littles. I hope they love me even when I am old and have kids of my own someday. I love being a big sister.