Monday, August 6, 2012

Week 76 - One Week Left!

Sister Hancock got permission to come and see me before I went home. I love her...she is so awesome! 

I feel like my emails home are sooo super lame. I am going to come home and tell you stories and you are going to feel like it’s a totally different mission. I can’t wait to tell you everything and show you pictures.

Ok…so about 2 months ago we were at the church and a family self contacted us. They were totally great, and asked if they could get baptized. Turns out they live in my old area Tanzi. I referred them to the Elders and they taught the family. I got a call on Saturday morning telling me that the Dad is getting baptized and I get to go! I was so excited. I prayed every day for a family while I was in that area, and I finally got one. It is so cool…I cried!

I am just going to be crying a lot this week!! haha It will be fun seeing everyone I love and saying good bye. I went and talked to the Liston’s last night and it was really great. They live on the 5th floor and they always bake treats for us. It was good talking to them about coming home.

I am really anxious and ready to come home, but then at times I just cry and cry that I have to be leaving my little world where I feel so comfortable and needed. I have a purpose here and I’m apart of something that is so important. I don’t think I am quite emotionally ready to detach, but then I don’t think you really ever are ready? I am so happy to be coming home! It was a great second to last week. It went by so fast because it was so much fun.

Missionary work is the best!

I will love every bit of the end! I am so happy right now. You will have an idea when I come home and you see it on my little Asian white face.

I love you guys. See you soon!!!!

Love Sis Lee