Sunday, December 25, 2011

Week 44 - Christmas Day!


It was so good seeing and talking to everyone!!!! I love you guys all so much! I am happy...I am really really happy! :)
Yay...opening presents!
Meryy Christmas from US!
More presents!
The whole mission caroling!

Monday, December 19, 2011

Week 43 - Merry Christmas!!


Hi fam damly!

I’m really excited to talk to you all this next week. We wont have much time, so think of the very most important things you want to tell me, or the questions you want to ask. I love you guys! I get nervous just thinking about it! ha I’ve got lots of fun stuff to tell you that you haven’t ever heard me say before. ;) Merry Christmas!! Talk to you guys soon.

Chen Li Fen is baptized!! We are so proud of her. We had the service right after church and a lot of members were there to support her. I cry at every baptism, and this one was just like the others... ha I cant imagine how happy Heavenly Father feels when one of his sons or daughters decided to get baptized. Do you think he cries too? Every baptism is a miracle, and I know that there is no other thing more important then inviting people to listen, to feel, and to accept how this message can bless their life. Its Gods plan, and when you see it come into play there just inst words for how cool it is.

Yesterday was my favorite day of the week. Not only did Sister Chen get baptized, but we had two new investigators at her baptism. It was so cool that they got to be there for that. I will tell you more about them in a minuet. Anyways, we got invited over for a joint FHE Christmas dinner by people in the ward. We had a great time getting to know them better and had a good spiritual share. Later we tracted into a girl that we got to pray with. She was really touched that we cared enough about her to pray for her. It was cool being able to give her that little opportunity to tell her God loves her through prayer. After that we biked over to the church and got to watch the Christmas devotional. It was so good! I love it... The new movies about Christ were so cool. :) It was a very happy day yesterday.

Saturday we met this great family! We tracted into their house earlier in the week, and Mom invited us back when her kids where home. Their family is Christian and they have been church hoping almost their whole lives trying to find a church that fits best with their family. We invited them to church, and they had a great time. They are coming back next week. :) Later that night we were able to have some less active action and meet tons of new less actives we have been trying to get a hold of forever. Later that night were invited by the Bishopric to go caroling! It was so fun. We invited one of our LA's in the ward to come with us and he came! We had to end up leaving early, but he stayed. He ended up caroling with the Stake President, and the Bishopric. Ha He had a great time.

This week it was freezing cold, and it totally felt like Christmas. Now it is frying hot and it feels like fall. Oh Taiwan. :)

The rest of the week was really good. Seeing mini miracles here and there, having a good time, and having chances to have my Chinese improve.

I love you guys a lot. Thanks for the prayers and love. I am so excited for this weeks mission Christmas activity and talking to you guys.

Love you!! Talk to you soon. :)

Sis Lee

Monday, December 12, 2011

Week 42 - :)

Dec 12

Christmas time is coming. We got to go shopping in Taichung today because my companion needed to buy a coat. There were lots more Christmas decorations in the city then there are in Tanzi... :)

Thank you so so so much for the package! Everything about it was perfect. I was really happy. I feel really spoiled. Sister Tan and I were super excited about the music our companions don’t really celebrate Christmas either, but they did love the chocolate. Thanks mom. You are really great. I love you! I am excited for you guys to get your Christmas package from yours truly Sister Lee. :)

It was a good week. We saw lots of mini miracles everyday. I feel super super lucky... I have been totally stressed out of my mind about taking care of my companion and my area, but it all worked out just like it always does. Heavenly Father has been really mindful of me and my prayers. It’s been a successful week, and I know without his help things wouldn’t have gone as smoothly as they had.

Miracles as follows:

Thursday: We went tracting that day and had a lot of success. Taught lessons and set up return appointments. Because of that hour of tracting, we were able to hit almost all of our goals for that day. :)

Friday: We went and visited Ren Mama so she could meet my companion Sister Chen. They got along great, and it was a great chance to review all the things we have taught her and a chance to finish teaching all of the commandments. Ren Mama has such a great testimony on prayer. We committed her to get baptized on Christmas Eve.

Saturday: We went and visited a lot of our less actives and recent converts. We all had really great lessons and the day flew by because we were so busy. We were also invited to go caroling with our ward! Chen dixiong dressed up as Santa and we were able to invite a lot of people to our service activity! We also found an adorable little girl tracting. We prayed with her and she committed to meet with us.

Sunday: Chen Li Fen came to church and we had a great lesson after church! She has come to church three times, is following all of the commandments and has a great testimony. She really is our miracle. She was investigator that was prepared way before we met her. She is getting baptized only after meeting with her in person 3 times. So cool. :) Another miracle was that when we came home from Church the Fengyuan sisters said they had a family come to church and that they all want to be baptized but they found out that they live our area and so they referred us! We were really excited. We met with them later that night, and had a great lesson. We also got to celebrate their daughter’s birthday with them. She turned one yesterday and we all ate tarro cake. :) It was great.

Everyday has gone by so fast, and we have seen so many little things happen that you know exactly that God was in charge and made it happen that way. My cute little companion is doing great, and is willing to work hard with me. I’m blessed. Really blessed.

I love you all really lots and lots. Thanks for keeping me in your prayers and thoughts. I know I am blessed as I am because you guys pray for me. Do you have any questions about my life? I feel like sometimes my emails are really boring. They don’t even capture a smidgen of what my week was really like. I try and mention the details, and the highlights, but I just don’t feel like I do it justice. ha

Love Sis Lee

P.S. I am obsessed with this Taiwan place. Here are some reasons why.

They have the cutest winter clothes I have ever seen.

There oranges are green

Before they eat off of public wooden chopsticks they rub them together so they can get all the splinters out.

People put CDs on the front of their bikes for reflectors

Everyday on the street I fight with old ladies about who is prettier

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Week 41 - I’m really happy...

Dec 7

Its almost Christmas time. Its weird randomly hearing Christmas music in 7/11...

I just got back from the Temple and it was so great. I got to go with my new cute companion Sister Chen, and I just loved every moment of today. The Temple was beautiful, and warm and it was the greatest Christmas present ever.

I have a lot to catch up guys up on considering all the new changes!

My Companions name is Chen Xuan Fan... She is 30 years old (doest look like it huh?) and just got done being trained. She doest speak any English and so we communicate in Chinese. The first day my brain hurt so bad, but its getting better and better. Its a huge blessing I get to have this chance again to really study Chinese. She’s great. We get along great, and she’s such a great missionary. I love her. Every night before we go to bed we say.... "Today I was grateful you were my companion because..." Its a great time I can just love her guts out.

Here is the week in a nutshell:

Tuesday: Sister Exchanges! I went with Sister Zheng and had a blast. During language study she taught me how to write all sorts of random things in Chinese and it felt like we had been companions forever. She was great. It was so much fun.

Wednesday: My companion and I were invited to Zone Leader council... That is where all the Zone Leaders get together and they talk about mission stuff and get trained. Sister Ribgy and I were able to share a miracle story. As well receive all sorts of inspiring direction from our loving mission president. We talked a lot about numbers and why key indicators are important. I know that means nothing to you guys but it really helped me understand how to be a better missionary and so I was really grateful.

Thursday: Our apartment had Christmas under the Christmas tree. We did Sister Swap and each pulled a name. I was so happy I cried and we all basically said goodbye. I am so grateful to know those girls. They will forever be my friends.

Friday: Sister Tans trainee came! She is great she went to BYU Hawaii and so her English is great. It was really fun having Sister Bryce tag along for the day as well as having a 5 sister sleep over for a couple of days. :) On the way home from Zone Leader Council we met an adorable little girl on the bus. Her English name is BeBe. We were able to go to her house on Friday night and meet her. She was raised Christian, and so had a great understanding about just about everything. She has agreed to get baptized on Christmas Eve. How perfect right? It was a miracle and we were thrilled.

Saturday: Was good. Can’t even remember what happened?

Sunday: Chen Li Fen and BeBe came to church! It was such a happy Sunday. Sister Rigby was able to say goodbye to the ward. We were really sad that Ren Mama couldn’t come... She didn’t say why though? We were confused and irritated and sad that she wouldn’t communicate with us and so we decided to go and visit her that night. We know that God is really looking out for this woman because right as we showed up she was about to take her dying son to the hospital. It was so sad. I just started crying. She was balling. He was dying, and just being in the situation was over whelming... We took turns praying. We cried together, and Sister Rigby and I sang hymn after hymn until the ambulance came. Right before the ambulance came he went unresponsive. It was really sad. She still is at the hospital and we don’t really know what’s quite going on, but we are keeping her in our prayers and just really asking that things will be ok and she will be comforted. We have been able to pray over the phone with her and she seems to be doing good.

Monday: I picked up my adorable companion.

Tuesday: We had a great proselyting day and hit almost every one of our goals. She’s great. :)

I’m really happy and really blessed. I am feeling extra warm recently just thinking about how lucky I am to be where I am serving the Lord while my friends and family are supporting me back home. Thanks for all your love and prayers. I really love you guys, and I love serving the Lord.


Sis Lee