Sunday, July 1, 2012

Week 71

Sister Smith, Sister Lee and Sister Busath. 
We have all been trained by Sister Jessica Lew.

 We had a 4-some this weekend. It was crazy, but a lot of fun.... We were doing companionship study in our room watching the DVDs as part of 
Sister Pengs 12 week program.

I love you guys, But I am SO sick of emailing. haha

Its really a weird feeling...

Let me give you the short and sweet version of my week.

Find Find Find
Party Party Party
Sing Sing Sing
Work Work Work
Call Call Call

That seriously was about it?

Tiffany was confirmed in church this sunday and gave an awesome testimony about how much she loves the church.

We were in a 4 some for three days and even though it was crazy it was the best. The bigger the better.

We had an incrediable stake musical fireside!! We had a couple of new converts there and they had a blast. It was so so well done! We were really impressed. There was about 20 missionaries who sang, and it was a lot of fun playing with friends.

Ok that's all for now!!

Love You alll

Love Sis Lee

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