Monday, June 25, 2012

Week 70

Zone Leaders: Elder Badager, and Elder Hermensen

Taiping Sister and the Beiqu Sisters

Tiffany and I :)

Tuesday-We had Sister Exchanges. Sister Mitchell my little Australian friend came and spent the day with me in Beiqu. She is currently serving in Tanzi and so it was good hearing how my old area was doing. It was rainy, but we still had a great day. We went contacting all night long, and not until we were at the very last stoplight before home did we find someone who was willing to set up a time. :)

Wednesday- I don’t remember anything besides May bringing her pictures to English class. She is one of the grooviest people I have ever met. She is one of our long time English students and is such an adventurer. She is a secret photographer meaning that she refuses to admit it, but has the most incredible talent for it. She loves to go hiking and so she brought all of her scenery pictures from when she went hiking in Pakistan. They were breathtaking. She could have made a calendar. She had taken the pictures with a film camera back in 1997. It was so impressive. We just oowed and awwed over them after English. (She also loved to braid hair and so she specially brought her hair braiding pictures for me. She is a doll.)

Thursday- A typhoon was supposed to hit. It was raining really really hard, and the wind was blowing, but nothing too exciting. We had Tony's (my recent convert) Mom call us and told us to stay inside. It was so cute. She calls and checks up on us all the time. We met June. She is one of Sara’s (my recent convert) coworkers. She is really interested in the Gospel because she has a bad temper that she wasn’t to control. We met with her later this week, and she had been reading and praying. It was already so incredible so see how much she has changed in just a couple of days. She was way more relaxed and happy, and calm. The church is true.

Friday-Zone scramble. We went on exchanges within our zone and it was a blast. (We also had weekly planning and a leadership training meeting) We went to a busy shopping market and did another "Dan Jones". A group of 20 us went and just started power preaching power teaching. I saw two cool miracles from it. Sister Liston was my companion. She is an adorable red head.

#1 A self contact.
She approached us and asked what kind of activity we had going on. We told her we wanted to let know people about our church so they could be happy for the rest of eternity. She sat down, and wanted to learn more. We set up and time, said a prayer and she said that she had been looking for a church and wanted to learn more.

#2 A self contact.
She came to church this Sunday with 20 juice boxes. She said that an Elder invited her to come to church and so here she was. She also wanted to learn more, and was interested on how she could join the church. We gave her a Book a Mormon and set up a time to meet with her later in the week.

Saturday-Olive came to visit me. I really love her. She is my favorite member from Tanzi. She came with gifts and good news. It was really good seeing her. It was also Dragon Boat festival, and about everyone I talked to asked me if I had eaten a zhongzi. (Its like an Asian tamale).

Sunday- Tiffany was baptized this week!! She was a referral from the Taiping Sisters. She had moved into our area by the time she was ready to get baptized and so Sister Busath and I got to finish teaching her and help her get ready for her big day. She is really great. Super strong testimony of personal revelation, and has incredible amounts of faith. She has lived in Australia for about 7 years and so we teach her in English. She is so expressive, and sincere when it comes to her prayers. It was Sister Busath’s and I first baptism together.

Her Mom came to the service and had a great time. It was her first time coming to a church, and she really felt the spirit. We were really grateful that she was willing to support her. I have a feeling that Tiffany will have a huge impact on her family. Not only will it totally bless her life, but will effect generations to come. :)

It was a good week. We met new investigators. Bumped into formers on the street. Sat down with New people. Got to go on Exchanges twice, and was really happy all the time.
I like being a missionary. The church is true.

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