Monday, May 28, 2012

Week 66

The Girls!

Sara the hairstylist.

 Celebrating with Smores!

Whada week. Can I please tell you how fun it’s been.
I can’t tell you the details because I don’t remember them, but I do know that it was the best week ever.

Sooo last Monday we met 4 girls. They wanted to take a picture with us because we were Americans for a school project, and it turns out that they are interested in church. They came to English, They came to church, and they are coming to the party tonight. They were a highlight of the week.

Our Recent Convert Sara is a rock start. She cuts my comps hair this morning and I read her conversion story in English. She used google translator so it was adorable. It was so sincere that it made me cry. She was feeling uber lost and super sad, she met the church, changed her life around and now is so happy that she is scared it’s too good to be true. We gotta help her realize its not just a phase but a way of life. I baptized my best friend. She is the greatest Peike, and we both love to hike. I am so blessed to have been in the right place at the right time.

Michelle another one of our recent converts who got baptized a month ago was planning to go to the temple this weekend. She missed the bus the ward was taking, so she bought a train ticket got her self to Taibei. So rad! I was shocked. She did all of the temple work for the people who had passed away in her immediate family. So cool!!

 RC Guo Jm also went to the temple this weekend. Cool!

Guys it was the best week ever. Recent Converts going to the temple. 7 investigators came to church on Sunday. We are helping some Less Actives come back, and I’m so so happy everyday.

I will keep you updated on my new friends. Hopefully we see a lot of progress in the next couple weeks.

You guys are all cool. I hope you have a fun first full week of summer.


Love Sis Lee

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