Thursday, August 4, 2011

Week 23

I might get to get letters from you tomorrow? Sister Museus went up to the mission home today because she is doing her end of the mission party with all the people who’s missions are over. We will still be companions for the next week, and then she will go home. So crazy? But really fun.... :) She looked great. I dressed her all up today, and made her look super cute. She secretly loved every second.

I hope you guys are having a blast the last couple days of summer. I only heard from Paige, and Student Council is going to be perfect for her. Other than that I know you guys did all sorts of fun stuff.

I am spending the day with Sister Cooper and Sister Stirling. We are going to one of the largest malls in Taiwan. Fun huh. :)


Guo Jiemei got baptized this weekend and it was a great service! I am so grateful to the Fengsan Sisters (Sister Cooper and Sister Stirling) and their ward for setting up the baptism. It was a great night. We are meeting with her tomorrow, and we are setting a temple goal! Her family will be able to be sealed while I am still on my mission, and I am so excited I get to be there for that. This gospel will change her kids. Its so great that she gets to parent with the gift of the spirit. It will be such a blessing to her in her life.

It’s the last week of the move call and so I got to go on Sister Exchanges! Sister exchanges were so much fun! Its always fun getting to learn from the other sisters and its fun getting to play hard, and work hard. Sister Demordaunt is a hoot, and a rock solid missionary. We are like the same person. She loves to shop at all the places I do, and she is obsessed with her family like I am. Her family lived in Japan from 1998-2000 do we know them? It was so much fun to figure that out. :)

Ok so good news... This week I had a Phase 1 pass off with Elder Peterson. He is such a great Zone Leader. It was good being able to serve with him here in Daliao. The pass off went really well, and the spirit was really strong. Teaching from the scriptures with a baptismal commitment is powerful.

I am so glad that President Bishop makes us run everyday. I look forward to Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Not because I get to shuffle around the track studying my flashcards, but I get to see my friends! There are a group of 6 old ladies who are all best friends and I see them every morning we run, we exchange quick hellos and we go about our exercising. This week they stopped me and started talking to me! I LOVED it. After we got done with little chitchat, I got to tell them about my message, and how it could bless their lives. It was so great. He Mama, Yang Mama, Liu Mama, Cai Mama, Zhou Mama will come to church next week. I just gotta remember to bring my contact cards with me to the track. :)

We worked hard this week, and spent a long time resolving concerns with our Week B investigators. We have so many people with the white fruit in their hand, now they just gotta take a bite. It’s so hard to see people stuck in their progression and not know how to help them. :( It will work out though.

We got a new ward coordinator and we are WAY excited because our last ward coordinator was so xingku we didn’t have very effective meetings... Brother Weller is actually from America and teaching English with his wife right now and so it will be so great being able to get to talk to him in English and communicate our investigators needs.

Thanks so much for your prayers I love you guys so stinken much! I’m sorry this letter isn’t longer. ha We are "playing" today and so things are always a little crazy.

Kade, Delan, Paige, Miranda, Audrey, Mom and Dad. I love you all!!!

Have a great week :)

Love Sis Lee

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