Monday, July 30, 2012

Week 75

This is going to take forever to load all of these pictures so I will tell you about my last two weeks.

First off You Meng Ting is BAPTIZED! She is so solid. She has such an incredible ability to understand doctrine. She has such great prayers and that is why I am convinced she progressed so fast is because she learned everything on her own with the help of the spirit. The day of her baptism there was a crazy crazy lightening and thunderstorm that actually fried all of the office computers. ha It didn’t scare her though, she came to the church two hours early for her baptism. We had a great night. We went out to dinner with her and we all made a pack that September 2013 we would go to see the northern lights in Alaska. She is so great. She loves church because of all the friends she has met and is getting fellowshipped to death. Everyone loves her. Anyways. It was one of the highlights of my week last week. I just didn’t have time to tell you guys about it. ha

My little recent convert also came and went proselyting with us last Saturday. He is SOO cute. He was so brave and talked to everyone. We taught this less active Guo Jeimei and she loved him. She hasn’t been to church for a month or more and she totally came last Sunday. It was cool. He came and went proselyting with us this last weekend too. He is adorable.

This week we saw a lot of miracles. We didn’t have any investigators last week, and now we have enough to stay busy. It’s crazy the ebb and flow of the work. Rei Xiu. The cute little recent convert missionary came with to be missionaries. Anyways his mom is way interested and we are both really excited to start teaching her.

We are meeting with the Bishop to talk activities. I am so excited. Do you know how long I have been waiting for this invitation? he he Sometimes you just have to be patient, and things all work out. I feel like my work is almost done in this area. He taught a great lesson about the importance of having friends in the ward, and so after church I just talked to him about the importance of ward activities and how it brings unity and an opportunity to meet new friends. Anyways... I’m excited.

The RSP is a doll face. Melody our last week baptism already has visiting teachers. So cool!!

I had my first break down this last Thursday... I had just gone to dinner with Sara, and was so happy. After dinner we talked to her about eternal marriage, and her future lds family. I was so happy, after she left for institute I had a 10 min breakdown in the bathroom and just realized that cool moments like that are coming to and end quickly for me here in Taiwan. It just makes me sad sometimes.

Today we went to Sara’s work and she did our hair for us. It’s my companions birthday on Wednesday and so we started her birthday week celebration. We went shopping and out to eat at the Modern Toilet. It was a pretty fun day. :)

I love you guys... I can’t wait to see you all. I still feel like I have forever left, but whateva. haha


See you soon. I hope you like all the pictures!

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