Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's only been two weeks since I have been home from Ukraine, and its freaking weird?? It honestly feels like it was a dream sometimes. I miss it. Especially my host family. Utah rocks though! I have been to the cinema (lots cooler then the word movie theater) 4 times, and have eaten out 7 times. I feel like that's a pretty good typical "american experience". oooh! "I put my hands up they are playing my song, the butterflies fly away. Nodding my head like yeah. Moving my hips like yeah. You know Im gunna be ok. Its a party in the U.S.A!" Even though I am in love with america, and that milley cyrus song, I am SO excited to leave for Mexico. 1 day baby. Whoot Whoot! 50 degree weather. Here I come. I think its going to be raining for a like the first month? Good thing I love the rain...

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  1. I seriously love you. Not only because you FINALLY posted some new posts (I know these things - I check your blog like a loser every day!) but because you quoted my FAVORITE song!!!
    And I love that you are going to Mexico. Me? Jealous.